My inspiration

in writing and photography comes from the dramatic view of Dartmoor as I sit at my desk to write.


It is there when I walk along the quay at Exeter, in the footsteps of my Grandfather, who crossed the river there on the Butts Ferry each day on his way to work.


It comes from holidays in our campervan, and time spent with family. From best friends and coffee, and laughs and jokes.


And maybe even in a song that tells a great story.


From these things and more, I breathe life into my characters. 




"A Little Black Dragon Lives Here"

The Little Black Dragon has a taste for adventure that often gets him into trouble. He blew in on the wind one blustery day and landed on the roof of our tiny house on the hill. Before he could fold his wings, or even make himself comfortable, the magic left him and he turned to stone.

Find out what happened next in this new, illustrated book for children, by Frances Thompson.


"1939 A View from the Hill"

Nicholas Leech hated his life, he hated his family and he hated the quiet village where he lived. Desperate to escape, joining the RAF had seemed like a good idea...


      So why was he running for his life through a forest?

            Why was he hiding in a ditch talking with a dead man?

                  Why was he lying on a hillside in France, waiting to kill a train?


      That had not been part of the plan...


"Trust nobody." The woman had said, so when a stranger offers to help, Nicholas has to decide his own fate. Taken deeper than ever into occupied France, he wonders if it is too late now to find his way back. 

Surrounded by an unstoppable enemy and separated from the last of his crewmates, Nicholas must learn fast how to stay alive.




"1949 The Other Side of the Hill."

There are old scores to settle on both sides of the channel. Old enemies, revenge and a few surprises mean that for some, the war will never truly be over.




Book three in the "Decades" series is still in progress. In the mean time, please feel free to explore the Galleries..