New Year; New Website


I am definitely a Summer person; the cold dark days of Winter see me huddled in front of my computer screen. This may do wonders for my word count, but by the end of January I am desperate for some sunshine. This winter there has been the expectation of the launch of this brand new website, and for that I must thank Peter Thompson for all the hard work and the knowledge he has put into its developement. He has made it possible for a computer novice like me to generate my own news pages; update information about my books, and even insert photographs. Which is great, because at this point that is just what I would like to do, and I have a choice to make. Do I insert a picture taken on a recent cold damp day; or do I forget the fact I am writing this with a hot water bottle on my lap, and choose a scene that I photographed last Summer? Well I tossed a coin and the Poppies won the day.

Photography has  played a large part in my life eversince my father loaned me a Box Brownie camera when I was about eight years old. I have never forgotten the excitement of developing that first roll of film, and then watching the black and white prints emerge from the developer. Of course, many of us use digital technology now and very good it is; but nothing can replace the aroma of those chemicals, or the sense of anticipation, while you work away in the solitude of the darkroom. So as well as sharing information about my books, this website will also be a place for me to show my pictures. I have already uploaded some of them, but it is not a job that should be rushed. Therefore I see it as an ongoing project and I will be delighted if you visit the site from time to time and see what is new. 

Best wishes