Dartmouth Museum


It is no secret that we authors do not get out much; especially these days when we can do much of our research on the internet, or by email. However, despite the fact that I spend many hours hammering away on my keyboard, I do not consider it to be a replacement for human contact. So when I needed to learn a little about life in Dartmouth during the Second World War, Chris and I headed off along the A38 towards the town.

After a much needed coffee at our favourite cafe, we made a trip to the Dartmouth Museum. This little gem is chock full of interesting items and information; and the volunteer staff made us feel very welcome. They even called on one of their colleagues who was enjoying a day off, to answer some of my questions. On top of that they kindly granted permission for me to use some of the pictures from the museum's extensive collection in this website - there are more to see in the Gallery Section. If you are in the area I recomend a visit, and I have posted the link to their website at the bottom of this page.

By the end of our visit I had all the information I needed, as well as the inspiration for another book; and there was still time to take in the views during a leisurely stroll alongside the river.