State of Independence


What an extraordinary privilege it is to be an independent author at this time.

A few years ago there would have been no way for someone like me to go it alone without spending a great deal of money to get my books printed and in the bookshops. 

Of course the world is a very different place now; the tools are there to enable authors to go it alone. The investments we make are in time and in the dedication to learn how to perform the various steps required to produce a book. After that, it is up to each of us to perform those tasks to the best of our ability, or else find someone who can do that for you.

I consider myself so lucky to have members of my family who are able to help me with certain tasks which are beyond me, such as our son Peter, who built this website for me.

The cover for my book

For this cover I had the germ of an idea, and after some discussion with my husband Chris, we started putting the various layers together. A lot of time was spent choosing the fonts and the colour scheme, and without Chris's flair for design and his computer expertise, my idea would have certainly fallen flat.

I have used Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing for a while now and am happy with my choice, so have not looked anywhere else. But there are other electronic publishing platforms out there now, and anyone starting out should do their own research into which would be the best for them. Do make sure that your word processor is compatible to the format of the publisher you chose. There are software packages that will check your writing style, and spell checkers are great up to a point, but do not rely on them totally. Machines do not know what was in our head when we wrote the words, only another human  being can interpret what you have written. In the end however, it is up to us to make sure everything is right.

If you are thinking of embarking on a career of writing, or even just wanting to dabble, as I did at the start, I wish you luck. Above all, I hope you get as much pleasure out of putting your words onto paper, or the computer screen, as I have done over the last twenty years or so.