Lowther Castle


A recent trip to the north west of the country gave me the perfect opportunity to indulge in some serious photography. The fact that the weather was in a happy frame of mind for a change helped too.

So on a warm Sunday afternoon, we arrived at Lowther Castle near Penrith.

The castle and the town have special family connections for us. My late father-in-law served in the area during the Second World War. He was in the Tank Regiment and was stationed at the castle while they conducted secret tests involving powerful strobe lights, that were intended to blind and confuse the enemy. I don't know if the idea worked, he never talked much about that, because more important as far as he was concerned, he met a local girl who would later become his wife.

In recent decades the castle has been rotting away into the Cumbrian landscape, so you can imagine our surprise and delight when we heard that a charitable trust has been set up  to save the building. In the last few years an enormous amount of work has been done to protect it, and now the castle is coming back to life.

As the pictures show, it is a huge building and it is doubtful that all of it can be restored to its former glory, but the teams of stone masons, carpenters, plasterers, gardeners and volunteers are doing an amazing job.

If you are in the area, Lowther is well worth a visit. The castle and grounds are open every day; see their website for further details and information. http://www.lowthercastle.org/

There are more photographs of the castle on the Gallery page of my website.